ITAPS Component Services Software

ITAPS researchers are working to develop a number of component services that are of direct use to application scientists that access the necessary mesh and geometry informaiton through the ITAPS interfaces. To use these services, you must implement at least a subset of the common interfaces defined by the ITAPS team to provide access to your mesh, and if necessary, geometry data. In many cases, only a partial implementation of the interface is required and this is described on a service-by-service basis. Furthermore, you may quickly try these services to determine if they are suitable for your long term use by taking advantage of one of the IITAPS reference implementations. This will likely require a data copy, which can give less than ideal performance, but will allow rapid prototyping experiments. In addition to providing access to your mesh and geometry data through the ITAPS interfaces, you will also need to call the service-specific APIs to invoke the functionality provided by each service. See the usage strategies page for a schematic and fuller description.

ITAPS currently provides a number of services based primarily on the iMesh interface specification. As SciDAC-2 continues, we expect to add more services both at the component level and at the integrated services level.

We believe that the software provided here is compliant with the most recent release of the ITAPS iMesh, iGeom, and iRel interfaces. All are believed to compile under the most recent Linux GCC. If you have any problems with the software downloads build or use process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Available ITAPS Component Services

Interface Requirements
More Info/Download
iMesh Compliance test Carl Ollivier-Gooch, UBC Compliance test for the iMesh interface iMesh implementation, e.g. FMDB, GRUMMP, and MOAB More Information / Download
iMeshP Compliance test Misbah Mubarak and Mark S. Shephard, RPI Compliance test for the iMeshP interface iMesh and iMeshP implementation, e.g. FMDB, and MOAB More Information / Download
Patrick Knupp, SNL
Mesh quality improvment via node repositioning, many mesh types and improvement goals, 2D/3D
iMesh for access to vertex coordinates, adjacency information, number of elements, tags for some advanced functionality, iRel and iGeom for surface smoothing
More Information /
Download (v2.1.4)
Carl Ollivier-Gooch, UBC
Mesh quality improvment for simplicial meshes via edge and face swapping, 2D/3D
Partial iMesh to set up single entity iterators, obtain, vertex coordinates, adjacency information
Download (v1.4)
Xiaolin Li, SUNY SB
Front tracking for surfaces of discontinuity
Partial iMesh implementation
More Information /
Download (v0.7)
Vitus Leung, SNL
Dynamic Load Balancing for parallel computing
Partial iMesh or iMeshP implementation
More Information /
Parallel / Serial
VisIt Plugin
Mark Miller, LLNL
ITAPS interface for the VisIt scientific computing software
Partial iMesh implementation
More Information /
Tim Tautges, ANL
Open-source mesh generation library, supporting tri, quad, tet, hex, and mixed-element mesh generation. Can interface with other open- and non-open-source libraries.
iGeom, iMesh, MOAB, iRel
More Information /
Download (v0.9RC0)
LIIPBMod Min Zhou & Mark S. Shephard, RPI Partition improvement software FMDB, IPComMan More Information / Download
Mesh Curving Qiukai Lu, Mark S. Shephard, RPI Construction of valid second-order tetrahedral meshes in 3D. Functionality includes curved mesh generation, element invalidity correction and shape quality optimization GMI - iGeom implementation for geometric interrogations, and FMDB - iMesh and iMeshP interface implementation, IPComMan More Information / Download
Mesh Adapt Aleksandr Ovcharenko and Mark S. Shephard, RPI Generates parallel unstructured anisotropic meshes using local mesh modification that satisfy a prescribed anisotropic size field. Functionality includes intelligent parallel refinement, coarsening, swapping and node repositioning GMI - iGeom implementation for geometric interrogations, and FMDB - iMesh and iMeshP interface implementation, IPComMan More Information / Download
IPComMan Aleksandr Ovcharenko and Mark S. Shephard, RPI Inter-processor communication manager None More Information / Download