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ITAPS Plenary Lecture at the SIAM CSE 11 Conference March 2011 / Location is Reno, NV

Zoltan Partitioning for Chemical Vapor Deposition Simulation with Adaptive Mesh Refinement (courtesy of L. Musson, Sandia National Laboratories)

Petascale Technologies

As we move toward the petascale, the ITAPS center is researching several aspects of the use of our services on computers with very large numbers of processing cores. In particular, we are engaged in research efforts to develop the unstructured mesh technologies that can be used effectively on 100, 000 processors or more. In particular we this requires new load balancing tools and communication libraries that ensure that ITAPS technologies are compatible with simulations that scale to very large numbers of processors. In addition, our research has also enabled us to explore alternative paradigms for fault-tolerant and very large data computations As the tools and technologies are developed, we are demonstrating their scalability on the largest systems available. We have been able to show the use of our mesh databases in simulations that scale to 288K processing cores and individually demonstrated the scalability of several of our services on 10s of thousands of processors. More information on the research we are conducting and the scalability of our services is available through the links to the left.