AMR Front Tracking

Front tracking method

FronTier (SUNY SB and BNL) has been used to apply the front-tracking method to different scientific problems such as gas dynamics, petroleum reservoir study, MHD and solid interface problems. Our goal within the context of the ITAPS center is to combine the strengths of the FronTier and various block-structured adaptive mesh refinement codes to develop a new, efficient front-tracking algorithm combined with the AMR technique, the so-called AMR Front Tracking Method.

Our focus is on the three-dimensional coupling and the design of a code interface with different AMR libraries including Overture, SAMRAI, and Chombo, the last of which is developed by the APDEC SciDAC Center. To achieve interoperability with all three AMR packages, we have designed a common interface for block-structured AMR codes and redesigned the FronTier-AMR module to use these interfaces. The corresponding wrappers for the Overture package are functional and in use; wrappers for the SAMRAI and Chombo codes are being written and tested.

The most difficult part of the work has been in the generalization of patch and subdomain communications. Although FronTier is parallelized, the data communication between patches inside the same parallel processor is outside of the development framework. As a result, we needed to find a practical method to synchronize the computation of different patches inside the same parallel processor. We finally decided to modify the entire functional structure of the interface propagation in the FronTier code to have it fully modularized at the synchronization points inside a single driver function. Figure 8 shows the adaptive patches with the tracked front.