iMeshIO Library


While the iMesh implementations were previously interchangeable once the data was loaded into memory, the data load process itself was specific to each implementation implying that a file written by one implementation would not necessarily be accessible to a different implementation. The iMeshIO service addresses this need by providing access to a wide variety of scientific data via the iMesh interface. We are leveraging the VisIt database plugin readers which allow users to read scientific data from any of 100+ file formats and instantiate that data in an iMesh implementation. The essential first step in developing iMeshIO was to develop a write capability for VisIt's ITAPS database plugin. This writer supports basic features of the iMesh interface including basic mesh topology and geometry as well as fields stored as dense tags. It does not yet support advanced set hierarchies, sparse tags or iMeshP. The ITAPS writer has been tested with the MOAB, GRUMMP, and FMDB implementations of iMesh. An early alpha release of iMeshIO was recently completed. With it, we recently demonstrated the ability to instantiate data from a previously unsupported file type in an iMesh implementation using iMeshIO, use an ITAPS service such as iZoltan to decompose the data for parallel computations, and visualize the results using VisIt.