Interoperable Tools / Services section

To support DOE applications, the ITAPS team is developing a number of component services that support key aspects of unstructured mesh computations on petascale computers. Numerous software tools are available to help manage the complexity of these simulations, including computer-aided design systems used to represent the geometry of the computational domain, mesh generation tools to discretize those domains, solution adaptive methods such as adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) to improve the accuracy and efficiency of simulation techniques, and parallel tools such as dynamic partitioning to ease implementation on the newest computer architectures. Although these tools are successful as individual, stand-alone products, the ITAPS goal is to provide them as a suite of interoperable services that can be easily integrated into multi-physics, multi-scale codes. We are accomplishing this through the development of the common interfaces for mesh, geometry, and fields and adapting existing and new tools to conform to these interfaces so that an application need only learn and adopt a single API. We have been successful in our goal for many different services ranging from mesh quality improvement via element correction, smoothing and swapping services, mesh adaptation, mesh partitioning, and front tracking techniques. In addition, we provide an array of services to help the user understand and visualize their ITAPS data, for example, through a VisIt plug in and the standalone eyeMesh Browser.