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A key service required by ITAPS users is the ability to visualize data from iMesh implementations. To provide this functionality, we are collaborating with the VACET SciDAC center to create an ITAPS database plugin for VisIt; their primary delivery vehicle. The plugin currently provides access to basic iMesh data (vertices, regions, etc), the ability to write data to an iMesh implementation, some support for iMesh sets and tags, and support for zone- and node-centered fields as dense tags. In the initial implementation of the iMesh plugin and the integration of iMesh with VisIt, a user was required to select a particular implementation of the iMesh interface at the time VisIt was configured. That implementation and only that implementation would then be supported by the resulting installation of VisIt. We added logic to VisIt's configuration tools to allow this constraint was relaxed and a single installation of VisIt can support multiple implementations of iMesh.

We have demonstrated that a single VisIt executable can display data from the MOAB, FMDB, and GRUMMP implementations of iMesh simultaneously. This demonstration also served as an important ITAPS milestone in that it was the first time multiple implementations of iMesh were linked together into a common executable further proving the interoperability of the iMesh interface. Finally, to support parallel visualization for ITAPS, VisIt's iMesh plugin was used as a starting point to develop one based on iMeshP. A prototype iMeshP-based plugin was demonstrated on a 4 processor parallel run with FMDB.